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An Animal Christmas Nativity

This week the 62 children, predominantly 3 year olds and a handful of 4 year olds, performed their Nativity to family and friends, an audience of almost 200. Their confidence and learning shone, like the little star they had been singing about. The bright, beautiful costumes provided by the parents lit up the stage and the guitar playing of Mrs Challis, the Nursery music teacher, all added to the magical experience.

The theme this year was ‘Animals from Around the World’ which was their topic for the autumn term. As each week passed the Nursery children discovered more and more about the inhabitants of our amazing planet and they learnt a related song. A couple of weeks after half term they also started learning seven Christmas songs bringing the total repertoire to 14, an awe inspiring amount for them to learn!

Take a look at our gallery for the full selection of images from the event.

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