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Wow! Haven’t Year 2 Been Busy

It seems Year 2 boys have had another  busy couple of weeks and we are delighted to share some of their work with you:

In science the boys were learning about forces and took their lesson outdoors in the sunshine. They had a lot of fun blowing bubbles and balloons, playing on the climbing frame, and using tricycles, to learn all about how gravity works.

Continuing their learning on Grace Darling, the boys created lighthouses using various painting techniques.

With a visit to the Living Rainforest coming up, boys made a rainforest leaflet. Having done research on the Mexican Rainforest and the animals that are inhabited there, their leaflets are full of interesting facts!

Over to the Lego club, an afterschool activity, and Year 2 built spaceships, St George’s Castle complete with a drawstring bridge and moat and ‘Krongiwongis’ (anything you can imagine and build with Lego).

Using Chromebooks in the library, the boys took a look at secret agent Jack Stalwart’s bedroom as they have been listening to the story of the theft of the Samurai Sword!

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