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Time Travel

Our Year 1 girls have started an exciting new topic, 'Tardis Travel'. The pupils recently used a Tardis they'd built to travel back millions of years to when dinosaurs were alive! 

The pupils were given tickets to board the Tardis, and glow bands to protect them from any dinosaurs when they stepped out of their time machine. The pupils could hear the dinosaurs roaring as the Tardis landed, and spent time learning how dinosaurs lived, what they looked like, and what they ate, as well as looking at the different continents and how they were different millions of years ago.

The pupils will be getting into their Tardis every week to time travel to a different era, exploring their own curiosities and interests along the way. We can reveal that over the upcoming weeks pupils will be exploring how fossils are made, learning how trees can be classified and aged, as well as composing simple pieces of music to represent the ways different dinosaurs move!

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