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STEM Club Car Competition

Recently in one of the Senior Boys STEM Clubs (science, technology, engineering and maths), pupils in Year 7 and 8 made cars from card and straws, designing them to travel as far as they could.

They tested their prototype cars using a blown up balloon attached to the cars to make them move. The pupils then had a competition to see which groups' car could travel the furthest when they let the air out of the balloon. The winning team included Jonathan, Alistair, and Jonathan, with their car travelling over two metres!

Karen Loughran, science teacher, commented:

“During this experiment, the boys learnt how to share and and adapt ideas as part of a team and how to translate their theoretical knowledge of forces and motion into a prototype model of a car. Next week each group will decide what changes they will make to their car to improve it and they’ll be making a new car incorporating these changes.”


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