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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Running Like The Wind!

On the morning of the ISA London West Cross Country Championships at Sherfield School, all 24 girls were waiting in the reception for Miss Barrett to hand out their running vests. They were excitable but slightly nervous as to what was ahead. The bus arrived and off the girls went to pick the best seat they could find.

Once the team arrived at Sherfield School, Miss Barrett and Miss Roberts gave a quick pep talk to the girls to keep their nerves at ease. The Year 3 and 4 race was getting closer so Miss Barrett warmed the girls up while the older girls had time to walk around the course. The course was extremely muddy, but the girls looked determined to do well.

Year 3 and 4’s were motivated and were ready to race. Despite being young in age, the girls seemed very confident and as the gun went they shot off the line. The finishing result was Charlene 6th, Daniella 7th, Phoebe 28th, Darcie 39th and Holly 41st. Overall the team performance was so good that the u10’s gained 3rd place in the team event overall. Well done girls.

The next race was Year 5 and 6, most of them were calm but you could see in a few faces the girls were quietly nervous. Once the gun went, they seemed to relax into the race. The finish positions were Caitlin 11th, Ellie 17th, Amelia 23rd, Eleanor 36th, Mia 40th, Natalia 63rd and Maddie 67th. A brilliant effort!

Then the Year 7 and 8’s were up. They also looked apprehensive on the line to what was ahead of them. The finishing positions were Freya 4th, Yasmin 11th, Eva 17th, Luisa 22nd, Emily 30th and Grace 38th. Overall the team performance was so good that the U14’s gained 2nd place in the team event and the silver medal. Great work!

The second to last race was the Year 9 and 10’s. The older age groups seemed a lot more nervous than the younger year groups. With a team huddle and chat they seemed more relaxed. The finishing positions were Alex 4th, Annabelle 5th, Lana 11th, Emily 13th and Hannah 26th. The girls all ran very well and overall the team performance was so brilliant that the U16’s gained 2nd place in the team event. Great work!

The final race was the over 16’s, Years 11, 12 and 13. Cleo was nervous at the start but as a very able runner and was determined to do well. She finished in 3rd place. The athletes showed professionalism and determination throughout the day and ran with maturity and strength.

The top ten runners in each race are through to the next round, so good luck and congratulations to Charlene, Daniella, Freya, Alex, Anabelle and Cleo who are all through to the Nationals Cross Country Competition!

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