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First Claires Court Senior Girls Drama Fest Wows The Audience

On Wednesday 7 February and Thursday 8 February, Claires Court held its first Senior Girls Drama Fest, which involved all girls from Years 7 to 9. Pupils were tasked with performing key dramatic skills they’d learnt, and they adopted their own ideas on lights, sound, projections, props, set and costumes.

Head of Drama at Claires Court Girls, Kate Warren, commented:

“I’m most proud of the girls for working together effectively and reflecting the community values of Claires Court. The process has been a journey for our girls, understanding the key skills required to work successfully as a member of a production team, managing self and that of others and not forgetting the true acting skills to be delivered on stage.

“Many parents comment on how their daughter has grown in confidence and self-esteem since starting at our school, and taking part in drama really helps each pupil to step out their comfort zone.”

Here’s the full list of Group Awards and Individual Awards:

Year 7

Best Technical Approach: Group 1- Suhuni, Grace, Madeleine, Alessandra and Emily - ‘The Hotel from Hell!’

Best Performance Year 7: Group 4 - Ophelia, Betsy, Harriet, Lily, Isabel, Nehir - ‘The Royal Dilemma’

Best Supporting Act: Group 3 - Jessica, Georgina, Priya, Laetitia, Anna, Sara - ‘The Tragic Taylor’

Best Actor: Grace

Best Moment: Lucy

Year 8

Best Technical Approach: Group 1 - Ysanna, Maia, Amelia, Erin, Grace - ‘Sleep tight Sarah’

Best Performance Year 8 and Best Theatrical Experience 2018: Group 4 - Freya, Eva, Scarlett, Megan, Lucy, Elodie - ‘The Circle of Life’

Best Supporting Act: Group 2 - Luisa, Maddie, Chloe, Ella, Alana, Jess - ‘Lost in the woods’

Best Actor: Scarlett

Best Moment: Megan

Best Costume: Evie and Heidi

Year 9

Best Technical Approach: Group 3 - Emily, Felicity, Ayla, Ariel -‘Is it you?’

Best Performance Year 9: Group 2 - Becca, Nuala, Hannah, Seren, Holly, Izzy - ‘Into the Darkness’

Best Supporting Act: Group 7 - Alex, Angie, Eliza, Anelise, Olivia, Emma - ‘Dream Dolls’

Best Actor: Hannah

Best Costume: Savannah

See the full gallery here.

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