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Exotic Animal Encounters!

Our Holiday Activities children have been handling a number of creatures seldom seen in Maidenhead!

Every child had the chance to touch and handle the exotic animals, which included a Milk Snake called Milkshake, a Tortoise ironically called Speedy, Gary the Giant African Snail and Spike a Rankin’s Dragon.














Tom Avezbakiev, aged 7, said:

“I’d never seen any of these animals before. My favourite animal was Milkshake the snake and I even held it! The snail felt slimy and the tortoise felt soft and tickly.”

ZooLab, the touring petting zoo company who ran the session, educated the children about the animals whilst they handled them, giving the pupils a unique opportunity to experience different animals and learn all about the different countries and cultures the animals had originated from.

Jess Pelizzari, Holiday Activities Leader and Year 4 teacher, added:
“All the children were really brave and adventurous and were willing to touch all the animals. They learnt how to handle the animals gently and respect them, whilst discovering more about their natural habitats, how they’re adapted, and what they eat. We were amazed to be shown how scorpions fluoresce under ultraviolet light – they glowed a vibrant blue-green colour!

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