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Snoozcumber Making For World Book Day!

To celebrate World Book Day, our Year 6 girls have been making their own snoozcumbers! This fictional food, featured in the BFG, resembles a cucumber, varies from nine to twelve feet long and is striped lengthwise black and white, with wart-like growths all over its surface.

The snoozcumber, along with frobscottle, is the sole diet of the BFG until he has captured the man-eaters. Having done so, he feeds them snozzcumbers for the rest of their lives – an apparent act of punishment, due to the snozzcumber's repulsive flavour!

Kerry Irons, Food Teacher, said:

“Our girls didn't fancy eating such a thing, so we created our own version, which included half a cucumber, 1 can of tuna, half an apple, half an avocado, a quarter of an onion, a tablespoon of mayo, Greek yoghurt, black sesame seeds and herbs!”

To further embrace World Book Day, the girls dressed up in their favourite character from a book of their choice. Here’s Alice in Wonderland with her snoozcumber:


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