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Georgia Wins ‘Young Woman Of The Year!’ Award

Yesterday, on her 16th birthday as well as the day she received her A* I GCSE result for English, Georgia was awarded ‘Young Woman Of The Year’ by The Business Girls Network which is run by Amanda Ayres.

Georgia spoke to all the ladies at the event about her achievements as a Great Britain Kayaker but then went on to tell her tough yet extremely inspirational story. Last summer Georgia suffered a head injury which left her unable to walk and she was told she could possibly spend the the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Being the incredible young lady she is, she went on to disprove the hospital doctors and with intense physiotherapy she learnt to walk again and she hasn’t stopped since!

She spoke maturely about how she has not let what happened to her affect her and used the opportunity to increase the awareness of Functional Neurological Disorder.

We’re incredibly proud of Georgia for this highly deserved achievement. In addition to this, four of our Sixth Form students also attended the conference - read more about their experience here.

Thank you to Mrs Ayres, whose daughter is our head girl, Deia, for recognising our pupils and allowing them to be part of this amazing event.

Photo credit: Jodie Humphries

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