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The National Archives

To introduce Year 2 boys to some of the famous documents connected with their current topic in History, the Great Fire of London, the boys visited The National Archives.

Using quotes from the boys, here’s a short statement about the day:

“We learnt today that the National Archives building is bombproof. There are four rooms storing boxes and each room is the size of two football pitches. The boxes are waterproof and fireproof. We had to be very quiet and we needed a key card to get into some of the rooms.

“Most of the things like Samuel Pepys diary were special. We saw an original document of the people living in Pudding Lane, it was 352 years old. Only four people know where the Safe Room is! We saw a picture of the rat who ate all the papers. Without that rat there would be no National Archives. Jake held a copy of the rat made by a 3D printer.

“Toby dressed up as King Charles II and we read the statement that the King wrote telling everyone they must now build their houses out of stone/brick! We looked at a map of London drawn in 1667. The map had a picture at the top and we could see the way the wind was blowing in the fire. It was really fun.”

Read about how Year 2 boys recreated the Great Fire of London in the playground here.


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