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Ancient Egypt at Highclere Castle

Year 4 enjoyed their day to Highclere Castle. They learned all about Lord Carnarvon and his passion for Ancient Egypt and discovered "wonderful things”, just like the explorer did,  through hands on exhibits and displays.

Junior Boys Dressed as EgyptiansThe boys saw replicas of the sarcophaguses from the tombs, jewellery, vases, little shabti dolls etc. The most exciting bit was when the boys were given little tea lights and entered a darkened room where they came across a wall with lots of letter boxes in it, here they peeped through the openings and took part in a re-enactment of the actual moment when Howard Carter peered into the Tutankhamun tomb for the first time. The group were delighted to see golden statues glinting in the half light.

They also got the chance to do some Ancient Egypt craft activities (colouring, hieroglyphics printings and making pyramids) as well as dressing up as Egyptian Pharaohs.

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