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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Margam Park Geography Trip

The Year 10 boys and girls visit Margam Park, in Wales, each year to conduct some field work skills in preparation for their Geography exam at the end of Year 11.

On the first day, the pupils conducted an urban study around Mermaid Quay in Cardiff to see how the area had changed over time by completing a land use mapping task and carrying out environmental quality surveys, as well as practising their field sketching skills.

On Friday, they completed a river study on the River Ogmore, looking at how characteristics change downstream from the source to the mouth. The group waded into the river in their wellies and measured the width, depth and velocity of the river channel, as well as conducting field sketches.

The sessions in the evening at the centre and on Saturday morning were focused on the use of secondary data, data presentation and analysis. The trip provided the girls and boys with invaluable experience of how to do a human and physical geography investigation.


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