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Highclere Castle

As part of their History topic 'Egyptians' the boys and girls in Year 4 visited Highclere Castle in Newbury to learn more about Tutankhamun.

They met with Lord and Lady Carnarvon who welcomed them in to explore their exhibition of Tutankhamun which was discovered by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter.

They took a tour of the gardens, explored the Egyptian museum where they witnessed the reconstruction of Tutankhamun's tomb and also saw the 3,500 year old real artifacts that were allowed to be taken home by Lord Carnarvon (they were kept in a separate room in temperature controlled cases).

As well as trying various activities, such as Egyptian tile rubbings, stencils, writing hieroglyphics, pyramid making and dressing up, the children were taken to a semi dark room where they were given a candle to recreate Howard Carter's first view of Tutankhamun's tomb through flaps in the walls.

Visiting Highclere Castle was a thrilling experience for the children and really brought the history of the Egyptians to life. See the full gallery here.

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