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Cultural Experience at Neasden Temple

Pupils in Year 8 visited Neasden Temple, London on a gloriously sunny Friday. 

The boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed seeing the incredible temple and commented on what they saw;

"We went to the Mandir which required us to go through a series of hallways before a grand marble staircase which went up to the spectacular mandir. There were lots of decorations which took months to carve a pattern on the marble. The dome was fantastic and detailed with animals and people. There was also displays of Hindu Gods which were really detailed. It was certainly beautiful and fascinating that unbelievable they could make it in just three years.

Next we watched an interesting video about the temple which we learnt a lot of interesting facts from. After, we went to see a prayer in the Mandir which had lots of music and dancing and was a very new experience for us but was very interesting to see their culture. Then we went to a Hindu exhibition under the Mandir which had lots of facts to help us fill in our booklets and learn about some Hindu stories as well as some cultures and traditions."


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