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The Living Rainforest

To explore life in a rainforest to expand on their current topic ‘Mexico’, Year 2 boys recently visited ‘The Living Rainforest’ in Newbury.

In the last few weeks the boys have been researching rainforests around the world, using the facts they have found to make a rainforest fact file.

When they entered the first greenhouse the boys quickly became aware of the rainforest climate - it was very warm! The group saw a variety of different plants and animals. The boys were mesmerised by the free flying African turaco butterflies and the variety of birds flying around the greenhouse, Cinnamon the two-toed sloth was peacefully sleeping in her corner, and thankfully the tarantula was in a secure box!

After some lunch and a run around, the boys were taken on the 'Edible Forest' tour. They learnt where the poison in the 'poison dart frog' comes from, how the 'insect-eating pitcher plants' lie waiting for their prey, how snakes survive in the forest, how bananas grow and where vanilla, ginger, coffee and chocolate come from. During their tour they came across many other animals and were even greeted by the sting-ray!

Poonam Bharj, Junior Boys Teaching Assistant, said:

“It was a wonderfully educational day out for the boys who came back with even more facts and knowledge to put in their fact files.”

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