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Junior Boys Problem Solving Week

Problem Solving Week had Junior Boys racking their brains with various challenges which took place across last week. Pupil Problem Solving week started as a concept several years back and has now grown into a fantastic opportunity for the boys in all Year groups to practise lateral thinking.

Year 1 boys began the week by playing an island game. The boys had to pick a team captain and had 30 seconds to choose some equipment to get their teams of 15 across the island and back without touching the grass. After completing the challenge, the boys talked about the problems of squirrels and birds and set to work to make a bird scarer. They decided they need to make a frame and so went in the thicket to hunt for sticks to hang them off.

On another day, Year 1 wanted to make a rainbow after learning about Rainbow Falls, a waterfall in Hawaii this term. After lots of attempts they managed to recreate a rainbow like one that would appear at the bottom of Rainbow Falls!

Meanwhile, Year 5 designed and made a literacy game, whilst Year 6 were finding puzzle pieces, putting them together and finding a message.

Year 6 also set on a hunt in the Junior Boys grounds for numbers, working together and independently to locate 25 numbers hidden around the school grounds to find the total mean, median, mode, and range.

On a separate day, to complete their topic on 'Forces In Action' Year 6 were challenged to design a boat from a one pint milk bottle. This boat needed to be propelled along a 2 metre stretch of water as quickly as possible. The pupils were not allowed to touch the boat once it had started moving. The final challenge was to discover which boat would hold the most weight. The boys needed to consider the forces involved such as water and air resistance, gravity and upthrust. They used a variety of methods to propel the boats, including paddle wheels, balloon power and most successfully, wind power.

View the full gallery of the week here.

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