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Revolutionary Restaurant Concepts!

This term all the Year 9 girls have been working on a collaborative project between Art, Food and Textiles, based on opening their own restaurant.

The teams have been very inventive with a range of themes, which included ‘Rainforest Rooftop’, ‘Inci’ and ‘Hobbit Hole’! In Art and Textiles they looked at logo, decor and uniforms and in Food Technology have thought about menus.

On Friday 25 May, they pitched their concepts to the judges - Katherine Taylor, Head of Department Hair & Beauty, Travel & Tourism and Hospitality & Catering, and Mark Goldstein, Chef/Lecturer, both from East Berkshire College, alongside Deputy Head Pastoral of Senior Girls, Penny Hawker, and Head of Senior Girls, Margaret Heywood.

All of the teams had worked very hard on their projects, and they presented very professionally with a colourful array of mood boards really giving the judges a 'feel' for their restaurant concepts. The judges were very impressed with the level of detail the students had gone to and their understanding of all areas of the restaurant business, from the decor to the uniforms and food offering all related to their chosen theme.

'Inci', meaning pearl, were announced as the winning team. The judges loved the level of research which was reflected in the presentation and also that they had considered the environment and sustainability of their Greek island restaurant.

After long deliberations the judges also awarded places to 'Down the Rabbit Hole', as they really loved the name and the themed food items including miniature clock biscuits and mad hatter cakes; 'Lazy Daisy' for the relaxed feel and their visual display and colour scheme which really reflected their theme; and 'A Maze', which embodied the concept of entering the restaurant through a maze.

Kerry Irons, Food Technology teacher, said:

“Well done all the girls who really engaged with this project and gave 110% to their concepts. A massive thank you to the judges for giving up their time, not only for the judging but also for welcoming the girls to East Berkshire College for a tour of the Hair & Beauty, Travel & Tourism and Hospitality & Catering departments.”

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