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ISA London West Athletics Championships

Last Wednesday saw 14 Junior Boys athletes from Year 4-6 travel to Eton to compete in the ISA London West Athletics Championships. This is a huge event  for the pupils, that Claires Court facilitate.

This year there were over 800 athletes from Year 4-11 competing from the London West region. With many of the events run as heats, results were taken on time and then compared to the other heats to find the overall winner. All the Junior Boys competed with sportsmanship, determination and commitment, and were all a credit to the school. The team brought home a huge haul of medals and consisted of the following pupils:

Year 4 - Thomas, Freddie, George, Kida
Year 5 - William, Hugo, Jake, Tommy, Ben
Year 6 - Jamie, Finn, Oscar, George, Jake

The following medals were won:
Hugo - Year 5 High Jump
Oscar - Year 6 High Jump

Thomas - Year 4 60m
George - Year 4 600m
Jake - Year 5 75m
Jake - Year 5  Long Jump
Finn - Year 6 80m
George - Year 6 600m
Jamie - Year 6 Long Jump

Freddie - Year 4 Cricket Ball Throw
Ben - Year 5 Cricket Ball Throw (New championship record)
William - Year 4 150m
William - Year 4 600m
Finn - Year 6 Cricket Ball Throw (New championship record)
Jamie - Year 6 150m
Finn - Year 5 Cricket Ball Throw
Samuel - Year 6 Long Jump
Robbie - Year 6 Cricket Ball Throw
Thomas, Freddie, George, Kida - Year 4 4x100m Relay
William, Hugo, Jake, Tommy - Year 5,  4x100m Relay
Jamie, Finn, Oscar, George - Year 6,  4x100m Relay

See the full gallery here.


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