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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Senior Girls Discovery Day

Our Discovery Days have been so popular this year, we decided to run a second one this term. On Thursday 14 June, ten girls came to the School to Senior Girls to learn more about life at Claires Court.

The day began by making cupcakes with a healthy twist, which included beetroot and chocolate, carrot, and lime and courgette cupcakes.

Girls then engaged in fun and challenging lessons in Art, Science and Maths, coming up with concepts of how to market their cupcakes, design cake boxes and decide on their pricing strategy. They then delivered a presentation to a tasting panel, ‘the Dragons’ on why they should invest in their cupcakes and ideas. After much deliberation, the judges made their decisions on prizes. The day ended with a drone challenge, to see which group could protect their cupcake the most effectively using protective materials when it was dropped from a height.

Parents arrived at the end of the day for refreshments and a presentation of prizes including the winner of the best cakes - taste and texture, winner of the best cake box design and winner of the best presentation of project.

See the full gallery of images from the day here.

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