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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Drawing Exhibition

Boys were challenged to draw a toy duck, Shakespeare still life, wooden marks or a lobster pot with crab and lobster, at their recent drawing competition.

The judges, Frances Ackland-Snow, Artist in Residence at Senior Boys, and Debbie Parker, Administrative Assistant, were looking for excellent observational drawing skills and bravery in the use of line and energy in the work. They were after artwork which had:

  • Identified edges

  • Recognised space

  • Calculated proportions and angles

  • Demonstrated an understanding of tone

  • Added character to their final piece

A very well done to the deserved winners:

Year 3: Oliver (1st), Toby (2nd), Marcus (3rd), Jack (4th)

Year 4: Henry (1st), Joel (2nd), Marcus (3rd), Dominic (4th), Josh (4th)

Year 5: Noah (1st), Jeremy (2nd), Zac (3rd), James (4th)

Year 6: Danyal (1st), Fraser (2nd), Teo (3rd), Zarah (4th), Jake (4th)


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