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Chinese Banquet For Year 1

To bring the Year 1 boys topic on China to an end, they had a Chinese tasting experience and the boys absolutely loved it!

Junior Boys Trying Chinese FoodFoods their tried were prawn crackers, sweet chilli, green tea, spring rolls, prawn pancakes, chow mein noodles, egg fried rice, seaweed crackers and fortune cookies. The biggest challenge was using the chopsticks - although Miss Morris told us they did better than she could! The boys also made Terracotta warriors out of clay and painted them, firework pictures using loo rolls, lucky red envelopes and Chinese dragons, all while they patiently waited for their food!

For lunch they decided to have a picnic as they didn't think a hot lunch was a good idea after a morning of Chinese food! It turned out to be a Pirate Picnic Party for one of the boys birthday.

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