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PGL Osmington Bay

Our Year 8 boys and girls had an amazing trip to Osmington Bay and it only seems fitting to share an account of the trip written by pupil Louis:

Woah! I was on the coach that was taking the whole of Year 8 down to Osmington Bay. I say woah because I only just woke up, I was still half asleep!

It felt like a long time, but we finally arrived. We unloaded our bags from the bus and were put into our groups. We were told what activity we were going to do and went off. My first activity was going through dark, pitch black tunnels in the ground. In that activity we played loads of different games. After that we did the zip wire, it felt like you were flying like a bird.

Our evening activity was to build a human race cart and go through a race track with obstacles. It took forever to build our carts, but it was great fun to see the other designs.

The next day pretty early in the morning we had giant swing as our activity. I did it last with Cameron. The worst bit is when you pull the piece of string which makes you fall and swing.

Afterwards we went to do Jacob's Ladder. Three people went at a time. Everyone helped each other. I was very happy with myself for reaching the top because I didn't think I would.

Next we had abseiling. In abseiling you had to go to the very top of this tall wooden building, then you go down. The first time we did it we were nervous and worried but as we went down we were fine.

My group then went off to do archery. I learned how to fire a bow because it was my first time doing it. In archery we went into teams and played a game (whoever had the most points won). Unfortunately, my team lost.

My final activity was aeroball where you bounced on a mini trampoline with a ball and tried to throw it into the oppositions net above them. I was in a pair with Jake. After 6 rounds we had the most points and won!

On our last day we travelled to Lulworth Cove. The whole year group went up to the top of this big cliff. It was so windy so as we carried on walking to Durdle Door I thought I was going to be toppled over. But eventually we got there and it was so fascinating. We saw the arch out at sea and our teacher Mrs Butterfield told us the processes that had made it and what will happen in the future. We learnt all about the different types of rocks and how arches fall down.

Then we had to go back to Lulworth Cove for lunch. After lunch we walked around Lulworth village to see the impacts that tourists have on the small village. We also went to see the Lulworth Crumple and the Cove. Mrs Butterfield told us how the special geology had created this landscape and how the tectonic plates meant that Africa had bumped into us and created the Lulworth Crumple.

What a great trip!!

Take a look at the photos and a video of the trip highlights.

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