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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Polished Performances

Fifteen Year 11 Drama GCSE pupils recently impressed their headteacher and parents, with outstanding group performances which comprised 40% of their overall GCSE grade.

Kate Warren, Senior Girls Head of Drama and LAMDA, said:

“The pieces explored key dramatic skills; from physical theatre to use of narrative speech, following the styles of Brecht, Grotowski, Artaud and Katie Mitchell. The girls did so well and I’m really proud of their efforts.”

The performances, worked from four stimulus given, included:

Group 1: ‘A Twin from Two Wombs’ by Hannah and Jessie
An emotional turmoil between two girls, where one steals the identity and covers up the murder of her friend, performed in a Brechtian style.  

Group 2: ‘Lost Youth’ by Isabella, Ruby, Chloe, Kaya
A ‘Theatre in Education’ piece of drama focusing on the mental illness of a young girl, looking at society's views on mental health today. Using Grotowski styles in exploring key dramatic effects on stage.

Group 3: ‘Train Wreck’ by Harriet, Lauren, Maya
Follows the lives of three people in New York from different lives and backgrounds that connect together by one event, using key practitioner styles of Katie Mitchell in presenting a most dramatic performance piece on stage.

Group 4: ‘I Hear Voices’ by Sophie, Jessica, Rebecca
A piece of theatre exploring the mental health disorder of schizophrenia and how one person’s life is turned upside down by the effects form the voices brought on  inside her head; a powerful piece of theatre presented in the style of Brecht.

Group 5: ‘The Circle Line’ by Alana Holdford, Isabelle Hobbs, Jasmine Parr
Presented 'in the round' the group explored a dramatic convention of presenting a piece of theatre which was meant to be a normal day for the characters which turns into a dramatic disaster on Circle Line underground train. The piece adopted Artaud's style on 'Theatre for Cruelty' along with physical theatre - this piece was definitely not for the faint hearted.


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