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Girls Receive Personalised Letters From The Prime Minister!

Year 5 girls have been busy learning about the country’s politics and the role of the Prime Minister.

The class wanted to learn more about what being Prime Minister was like, as well as offer suggestions for how to improve Maidenhead, so decided to take matters into their own hands and wrote to Theresa May. In their letters, the girls offered suggestions on improving the borough which included having more cycle lanes, helping homeless people in the town, and implementing fines for dropping litter.

The group were amazed to receive personalised letters back from Theresa May, agreeing with their ideas and a promise to write to the local authority about more cycle lanes in Maidenhead, and to let the girls know when she’d received a response.

James Wilding, Academic Principal, commented:

“The girls' palpable excitement as they opened their envelopes, read the contents, felt the embossed emblem of the House of Commons, (very posh some thought) was for me one of the major highlights of my teaching career.”

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