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Diwali Celebrations

Before half term, Year 1 boys in class G read the story of Rama and Sita and learnt about why people all over the world celebrate Diwali. The boys (and their teachers) were enraptured with the story and its moral of how love defeats evil. Each boy wrote their own version of the story which are now on display.

The class celebrated Diwali by creating their own Rangoli patterns outside and enjoyed looking at some extremely difficult patterns on the computer. They made fruit rocket skewers relating to fireworks being let off as a celebration of Diwali, and even had a go at having traditional Mehndi tattoos put on our hands. The boys were blessed by the god Lakshmi by having a bindi put on their heads.

They danced to music and tried foods such as coriander, garlic, korma, masala, naan, poppadoms and chutneys. Poonam Bharj, Teaching Assistant, brought in Indian clothing for the boys to try on. They left School with gifts and cards for their families, having made their own Diva lamps out of clay. Diva lamps were used to help Rama and Sita find their way home in the story of Diwali. What a wonderful day for all involved!

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