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National Archives

The Year 2 girls had a fantastic morning of learning and investigating sources at the National Archives to prove the facts they have been learning about The Great Fire of London.

They looked at real pages from a London Gazette written on the day that the fire started and then discussed why the pages from 2-8 September 1666 were missing.

They studied maps for evidence that Pudding Lane existed and looked at copies of a Hearth Tax from 1666 that showed all of the residents of Pudding Lane and their occupations. In doing this they were able to find that Thomas Farriner did live on Pudding Lane at the time of the fire and he was in fact a baker!

They enjoyed some role play when some children pretended to be water bearers and others were a fire that needed fighting. They were even challenged to beat the teacher and try to find a fact that Mrs King didn't already know...they succeeded!


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