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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Micro:bit Masters

Year 6 pupils at Claires Court Junior Boys took part in a fantastic opportunity on Tuesday at a micro:bit workshop. Mrs Hutchings who works for Microsoft and is a Year 6 parent of the School, was joined by her colleague Mrs Khan to teach the boys how they can programme a micro:bit to do some interesting things.

Micro:bits are mini programmable units which the Government Issue free to state schools in year 7, so it is unusual that year 6 pupils are able to do this at their age. The boys fully immersed themselves in the workshops and managed to programme their micro:bit to design snowflake patterns, a ‘love’ metre and created messages, all using computer coding. All the boys left with Microsoft headphones and pens.

Chris Rowan, Teacher at Junior Boys said;
“The boys took part in this workshop as part of the week-long activities ‘Pupil Problem Solving Week’. The week is designed to give the boys a break from exams and have fun solving problems! Even though the micro:bit has not yet been released and is to be given to Year 7 boys by the government, our Year 6 boys handled the complex coding extremely well and absolutely loved the workshop.”

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