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Sixth Formers Give Brexit Views On ITV London News!

Sixth Formers appeared on ITV London news on Wednesday 12 December after being interviewed by ITV journalist and producer, Ria Chatterjee, on their opinions of Brexit.

The interview came on the day Prime Minister Theresa May faced the confidence vote of Tory MPs. The girls and boys were therefore asked poignant questions on their standings on Theresa May’s future, how Britain looks to the rest of the world and Brexit going forward. The students articulately expressed their opinions from all sides of the political spectrum, answering Ria’s questions with considered answers.

Arjun Clare, Year 13 student, said:

“It was a very educational experience, and a good opportunity to express our views as young people are not often invited to do so.”

Ria Chatterjee commented:

“It’s great to see young people politically engaged with such strong opinions and obviously well-read and knowledgeable on the issue. It’s hopeful for the future to know that young people are prepared to engage this way.”

Stephanie Rogers, Head of Sixth Form, added:

“Our students demonstrated a deep and considered understanding of the implications of Brexit, not just for our country's future, but for theirs. I was most impressed by their ability to articulate their views clearly and to acknowledge the importance of maintaining democratic principles throughout the process. How refreshing it was for young people to be asked for their views on an issue which will impact them most of all. Their interest and engagement in political matters bodes well. I was incredibly proud of each one of them.”

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