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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Experimenting With Temperature

Nursery children recently carried out an experiment linked to temperature. They put a variety of objects, made from all different materials, into containers. Water was then added and the containers were placed outside.

The teachers and children discussed what they thought might happen to the objects, and if they would stay the same, get cold or freeze.

The following morning everyone gathered outside with excitement to see what had happened to the objects. The girls and boys were thrilled to see that the water had frozen, freezing all the objects in it. They tried breaking the ice but couldn’t so took them inside.

Different tools were used to break the objects free. Over time the children noticed that the ice was melting. One of the Nursery children, Peter, exclaimed, “the temperature has to be 0 or under to freeze”.

Tara Ainsley, Nursery teacher, said:

“The experiment was a useful way of increasing the children's vocabulary, as they learnt words including freeze, melt, melting, opaque, temperature and frost”.

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