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Chemistry Challenge!

Year 9 chemists have been learning about how molecules are bonded together.
Chemistry teacher Jennifer Dimmick recently set the girls a challenge! They had to produce a 3D model of a covalent compound only using items that they had at home.

Most pupils chose to made a version of a ball and stick model of the compound, with a wide variety of items used for atoms, from ping pong balls, to sweets, balls of ice cream, peas and even a squirt of ketchup! Bonds were frequently made from cocktail sticks. A number of pupils decided to show the actual bonding, with the electrons. They were modeled using marshmallows, biscuits and more. Molecules made included water, ammonia and methane.

Teacher Jennifer Dimmick commented:

“I was very impressed with the creativity shown by my pupils. I know they enjoyed the challenge!”

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