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Science Week Investigations In The Nursery

As part of Science Week, Nursery children have been observing and investigating.

Last week, Nursery teachers bought the frogspawn in from the outside pond and put it into a bowl in the classroom. When the children came in on Monday they were excited to see that the tadpoles had hatched, but the tadpoles in the garden pond had not hatched from the frogspawn. So the investigation question was: ‘Why did the frogspawn develop into tadpoles in our classroom but not outside?’ Zac said, “Because it is warmer inside than it is outside in the pond.”

Nursery children have also been discussing hibernation. The story ‘Are you Spring?’ was about a bear that was very excited for Spring to arrive. Today, the resident bear called Honey came out of hibernation too. The children were eager to find out what he had been doing and of course to have a cuddle!


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