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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Presenting To Hewlett Packard

Kesia, Claudia, Jonathan and George accompanied James Wilding, Academic Principal, on a trip to the Hewlett-Packard main office in London last week.

James delivered a talk to eighty Hewlett-Packard partners about Claires Court’s journey to using Google Chrome and the pupils fielded questions from those in attendance, which included questions on how they use both the G Suite and Google classroom and how ‘being in the cloud’ helped them on snow days.

James Wilding, Academic Principal, said:

“This was a launch event for HP and Google of the Chromebooks being made available to retailers for sale in the education and enterprise market. Whilst retailers have some idea of what education looks like, after all they had all been to school, they hadn't really got a sense of what boys and girls in their teenage years might do with their devices in school. The humour of the moment was best illustrated by the pupils’ own take on receiving work to do via google classroom on snow days. "Obviously" they said, "We only open up our email to see what work is coming via the cloud after we have enjoyed the snow and the day off school!”

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