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Salters' Festival of Chemistry

Hosted at the University of Reading, Year 8 pupils from Senior Girls and Senior Boys attended the Salters Festival of Chemistry this week.

The two teams had to use their problem solving and critical thinking skills in order to solve two difficult challenges. One challenge involved using precipitation reactions and chromatography to solve a ‘crime’ and find the culprit who had stolen tungsten from the University’s Chemistry laboratory. The Senior Boys team were awarded first place for this challenge having correctly deduced the culprit and for their excellent teamwork.

The second challenge involved manipulating a reaction to decrease the temperature by a fixed amount and was a opportunity to learn new practical skills. The day culminated in a demonstration lecture, which involved liquid nitrogen, solid carbon dioxide and the occasional loud pop!

Karen Loughran, Senior Boys Chemistry teacher, said:

“We had a very exciting day with the boy’s team winning one of the challenges! Using their analytical and logical thinking skills, both teams displayed excellent collaborative working and demonstrated safe and tidy practice in the lab”.

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