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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Business Ethics with HSBC

Ayesha James, the UK Chief Control Officer at HSBC, spoke to Year 12 about values, ethics and morals in business today, looking particularly at financial services and the impacts within HSBC.

The financial crisis and PPI mis-selling has given financial services a bad name in recent years. Ayesha spoke about what the industry is doing to change the behaviour within it. Restructuring is taking place and decisions are now made not solely about targets and the bottom line but include responsibility and ethics.

The students took part in a lively debate about lending money to a community project in Mexico, and whether it was ethical. New graduate recruits are now subject to behaviour and value screening even before their CVs have  been checked. The students were interested to learn that the sector is now looking for employees who can show loyalty, respect and integrity with a strong spiritual and moral character, all qualities we instil in our students! This is vital for students to know for the future as they complete their job applications.

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