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Bushcraft Survival Skills

On Friday 10 June, 26 Year 6 pupils from Junior Boys took part in a Bushcraft Survival Day. The aim of the day was to give the pupils the opportunity to learn basic survival skills in the great outdoors. The pupils started the day learning how to start foraging for food in the school grounds.

Nick Butterfield, Teacher at Junior Boys tells us more about their experience:

“All the pupils loved finding out that you could make delicious drinks from dandelions or elderflower or that sticky weed could be used to soothe nettle stings. This activity was followed by shelter building where pupils were set a time limit to try and build a waterproof temporary shelter. When time was up the shelters waterproofing was put to the test... with the pupils inside.

Ben Dyer, Josh Fisher and Maximus Chapman ended up getting completely soaked! Through the afternoon pupils learned how to identify animal tracks and practiced travelling through woodland without making a sound; this was put into action with a game of creeping up on a blindfolded classmate. The final activity taught the pupils how to navigate with the use of a compass. The day finished with a lovely BBQ for pupils and parents where the boys shared their experiences with their parents.”

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