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Greetings from the Gurdwara

After spending time researching the origins, culture and learnings of Sikhism in the classroom, Year 2 boys were fortunate enough to visit a Sikh Temple.

Greeted by the priests, pupils were treated to snack before they embarked on a tour of the Gurdwara, learning about its history and worshippers. Upon entering the main praying hall, they boys wore special headbands and listened to the priests singing hymns. There was also an opportunity to look at the physical symbols of Sikhism otherwise known as the ‘Five Ks’ and to see up close the holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib.

Poonam Bharji, Junior Boys teaching assistant, commented:

“This was a wonderful morning for the boys, they learnt so much and also impressed the priests with their own knowledge of Sikhism! Their behavior was impeccable and they were very respectful.”

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