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Embracing Nature at Woolley Firs

A recent trip to the Woolley Firs Environmental Education Centre saw Year 4 boys embrace nature when they took their learning outside of the classroom for the day. Did you know that the dragonfly nymph changes it’s exoskeleton eight times?

Setting off from Junior Boys, the day commenced with pupils trekking through the woodlands of the Thicket to reach the centre where upon arrival they were greeted by the welcoming, knowledgeable and enthusiastic educational officers. Throughout the day, pupils explored the natural habitats at the centre, the pond, the meadow and the woodlands, for living organisms. Pupils were tasked with identifying and classifying the species that they found, as well as considering where they fit in a variety of food chains.













The children also became detectives as they hunted for clues to solve a ‘nature mystery in the woods’.

Alexandra Flynn, Junior Boys teacher, commented:

“The pupils demonstrated their excellent knowledge and scientific reasoning at every opportunity, supporting each other and working collaboratively to complete the challenges”.    

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