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Sevens success at Junior Boys with ‘Headmaster’s Homework’

Seven wonders of the world; seven colours in the rainbow; seven days of the week; seven continents; seven seas; seven music notes and seven dwarfs. Seven is an enigmatic number which is so prevalent in many aspects of life, including the lives of our Junior Boys this term when it formed the basis for the ‘Headmaster’s Homework’, an independent research project.

Dean Richards, Head of Junior Boys, tasked pupils to use their imaginations, creativity and critical thinking to write, draw or construct a piece of homework researched around the number seven. The boys produced a plethora of work looking at prominent ‘sevens’, including the colours of the rainbow, the number of continents and the number seven in sport. With a high calibre of work produced it was only fitting for the work to be displayed in an exhibition for fellow pupils, staff and families to admire.    







Dean Richards, Head of Junior Boys, commended the boys:

“The boys have let their imaginations run wild for the ‘Headmaster’s Homework’ creating an amazing exhibition. Magnificent!”






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