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Claires Court GCSE Results Best In Decade

Pupils were celebrating today as they found out their GCSE results. Of the diverse broad ability cohort, 90% achieved five 4+ grades including Maths and English. The percentage of pupils achieving 9 to 7 grades was 30.2%, against the national average of 21.9%.

Hannah Straw achieved an outstanding three 9s, six 8s and two 6s. She commented: “I’m so happy and couldn’t ask for anything more. I love the school, the teachers and the community feel. I’m really looking forward to staying on at Claires Court for Sixth Form to study A Levels in History, Spanish, Maths and Psychology. In the future I want to be a lawyer.”

Bertie Carr was ecstatic to receive four 9s, three 8s and four 7s: “I worked really hard for my results. Claires Court was definitely the right school for me. There’s a great environment and the teachers are really encouraging. I’m going on to study A Levels in Physics, Biology and Maths.”

Stuart Gillman, opened his results envelope to two 9s, six 8s, three 7s and a 5. He said: “I’m really pleased with my results; the teachers were great in helping me prepare for my exams. In the future I’d like to work in business.”

Emma Rendle, who excelled with three 8s, three 7s and three 6s, said: “Moving to Claires Court was the best decision I’ve made. Everyone is so friendly, kind and supportive. I’m so pleased with my results and I worked really hard. I’m staying at Claires Court for Sixth Form as I don’t want to go anywhere else! I’ll be studying Geography, Business, Psychology and Biology.”

James Wilding, Academic Principal and Head of Senior Boys, commented:

 “The last 3 years have been specifically challenging for secondary schools, with all GCSE subjects gathering new specifications with tougher content and a greater emphasis on terminal examinations at the end of Year 11. Almost all subjects have lost coursework, so the results reflect very much each students performance under examination conditions. All in all, these are the best results the school has achieved since 2010, and to gain 30% of our GCSE subjects at level 7 or above is a magnificent achievement. This reflects well on the pupils who have worked so hard, on the teachers who have led their learning over the 2 years of their GCSE course programme and of course on their parents who have been such a support, particularly during the examination period. Of very particular note, all of our male and female candidates for the separate subject sciences and the higher tier combined scientists (dual award) enjoyed success at 100% level 5 or above, which in combination with outstanding Mathematics results means so many are well set up for their choice of STEM subjects at A level. 

Reflecting on the boys in particular, I am stunned by the success secured by their English teachers gaining 100% GCSE success in both English and English Literature. it’s clear that in addition that our Arts, Humanities and Languages results across the piece are almost as strong, ensuring that these vital creative subjects are also well nourished at the next level. 

There is great competition between the genders at Claires Court, and the girls results in Sciences and Maths just as strong and the boys, they too will be delighted by their results today, responding so well to our society's needs to encourage girls into Science and Technology disciplines. Arts are historically strong in girls schools, but with 100% of candidates gaining at least level 5 in Art, History and RS (no results lower than a level 6), I am equally pleased that the success is spread across all our curriculum areas. 

With such strong creative industries based locally, the demand for these skills remains very high; with over 90% of our boys and girls matriculating with 5 or more GCSE passes across a wide subject range, I am delighted that so many of our Year 11 students have gained excellent practical skills too. Most have managed to keep their out of classroom activities and sports up as well; with outstanding national and international successes in both rowing  and tennis during this summer break, we have been able to demonstrate once more that academic success is achievable alongside the development of the whole skill set our children need for the future challenges they will meet in years to come. 

Margaret Heywood, Head of Senior Girls, added: 

“The results are fantastic and the agonising wait has been worth it and I am absolutely delighted for the girls. I want to thank families, teachers and all school staff, who have worked so very hard to support our pupils and also the young people themselves – who continue to maintain an extraordinary success rate.”

Results 2019

  • 90.9%  candidates with five 4+ grades
  • 30.2%  9-7 grades
  • 50.1%  9-6 grades
  • 90.5%  9-4 and above
  • 90.0%  five+ grade 4 and above inc. Maths and English
  • 2.7%    grade 9

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