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Team building day at beautiful Cliveden

A day of fun was in store for Year 7 boys and girls when they came together for a session of team building and activities at Cliveden National Trust.

Their day started with a walk along the river to boats where a ferry took them across the River Thames to the banks of Cliveden. From there the three groups then ventured off to their activities on foot.

One group climbed to the Parterre and helped National Trust gardeners to weed and tidy the glorious flowerbeds. They made a difference a weed at a time, and the overall effect was stunning.

Another group went to the War Cemetery where they learnt about the history of the house and its inhabitants. They contemplated the lives of those who had been buried there and finished with a piece of creative writing.

The third group walked the stunning Long Garden, where they used their senses to really focus on what was around them. They finished their sessions with some watercolour painting, many of which would be welcomed on any wall.

Throughout the day these three groups, all mixtures of Year 7 girls and boys worked alongside each other. They rotated around each activity, working with different fellow pupils and getting to know one another. Lunch was held together as a whole school and it was great to hear the buzz of enjoyment and to see them mixing with smiles on their faces.

Jennifer Dimmick, Senior Girls Chemistry teacher, said:

“The aim of the day was about getting together, making new friends and being able to work together to achieve a common aim. It was a great day and we were blessed with the weather too.”

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