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A Journey of Learning at Woolley Firs

Delving into their topic of ‘living things and habitats’ Year 1 and 2 boys spent a day getting hands on as they scoured the habitats at the Woolley Firs Environmental Education Centre.

On a quest for knowledge and armed with their identification charts, pupils walked the woods hunting for minibeasts. The morning was spent meticulously searching, checking creatures off their lists. Rewarded for their hard work, pupils were given the opportunity to hold ‘beetle larvae’, a creature reminiscent of the infamous witchetty grub from the jungle!

A spot of pond dipping initiated plenty of discussion between the pupils as they proudly compared their catches; was it a froglet or a newt? Do pond skaters have wings? What’s the difference between a garden snail and a pond snail?

Bethan Morris, Junior Boys teacher, said:

“When the boys were asked if it had rained during our trip - the answer was no! Far too much fun, discussion, discovering and learning was being had to even notice the raindrops coming down on us!”

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