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Newquay Sports Tour U11 Girls Report

Tour report by Katie Hudson, Junior Girls PE Teacher:

On the 7th November, the U11 A and B teams embarked on our annual joint Sports Tour with the Junior Boys. Full of excitement and anticipation, even after a four hour coach journey, the girls’ readied themselves for their first netball match against St Peter’s Prep School in Exeter. Considering the girls had been sitting down for such a long time, they played extremely well, demonstrating skill and collaboration. 

Final Scores: 

CC-A vs St Peters 11-3 (win)

CC-B vs St Peters 5-3 (loss)

After a delicious cream tea and pizza, it was back on the coach for the last leg of our journey to Newquay!

Friday morning came after a good night’s sleep. Following a hearty breakfast, it was off to the Aquarium in Newquay. As we arrived, the staff there were starting the rockpool encounter where many of the girls and boys were brave enough to touch a starfish and a crab. I think it’s safe to say that everyone's favourite creature was Omiros the Loggerhead Turtle who you definitely couldn't miss swimming around his tank.   












Following our trip to the aquarium, it was back to the hotel for lunch and then on the road again to Truro High School. Here, the girls played their second netball match. Both teams played absolutely brilliantly. 

The A team was much stronger than Truro, therefore, Miss Hudson decided to make a few changes to the team, placing the attack in defence and vice versa. The girls still came out on top though with a well-deserved win.

The B team were nervous to begin with, but they had no reason to be as they were excellent! Miss Joslyn made a few changes to the girls’ positions and everyone got stuck in. The progress the team had made from the previous match was phenomenal, the play up and down the court was great, with many interceptions being made by our defence and brilliant passing and shooting in the circle from our attack. The B team also came out on top with a well deserved win. 

Final Scores:

CC-A vs Truro High School 33-1 (win)

CC-B vs Truro High School 11-4 (win)  

Truro High School were fantastic hosts, very kind and incredibly welcoming. The girls enjoyed macaroni cheese and ice cream before heading straight to the evening’s activity of bowling, where Miss Hudson came 2nd to Mr Barber this year! The girls had some impressive scores as well. Well done girls!

Saturday saw our final game of the tour. Truro Hockey Club hosted a round robin tournament for us at Truro Prep School. The girls got off to a flying start, playing some excellent hockey. They used their speed and the width of the pitch to their advantage and scored many goals. However, Truro Hockey Club took the win this year.

CC-A came 2nd overall

CC-B came 4th overall

Our last evening was spent in Pizza Express back in Newquay and what a wonderful evening it was to close our tour. After a very windy walk down to the restaurant the staff and children enjoyed delicious pizza. We were then greeted by some of the boys and girls parents for our presentation evening at the Kilbirnie Hotel.

A Team Player of the Match 

St Peters School: Megan Godleman

Truro Prep School: Dara Oluwafeyidara

Truro Hockey Club: Charlotte Lewis 

B Team Player of the Match 

St Peters School: Ella Smale 

Truro Prep School: Sophia Vysata 

Truro Hockey Club: Megan Sykes 

Best Moment on Tour 

Erin Moorby - For her attitude, performance and consistency on tour. 

Isla Cohen - For her determination and performance on tour. 

Again, this year was a very successful tour. Each and every pupil was well mannered and acted as an excellent ambassador for Claires Court. Both pupils and teachers had a lot of fun and we all cannot wait for next year.

Thank you to the 43 boys and girls and the 8 staff who helped make this trip an unforgettable experience! 

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