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Claires Court Maidenhead

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Becoming Roman Legionaries

An exciting visit to Ufton Court saw Year 3 boys travel back in time to the Roman Empire where they learnt all about its impact on Celtic Britain.

Pupils were put through their paces as they became Roman Legionaries for the day as they practised marching all whilst chanting ‘we are the Roman Army’ and learnt some important battle formations, which included the ‘orb’ and the ‘saw-tooth’. Pupils also learnt how to defend themselves and the importance of protecting their standard.

Pupils were divided into two armies, the Romans and the Iceni and acted out the struggle between them with great excitement and enthusiasm!

Sarah Crowe, Juniors Boys Learning Support Assistant, said:

“The day gave the boys a fantastic insight into the story of the Romans finally conquering Britain and really brought it to life!”

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