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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Building a Second World War shelter

History has been brought to life at Junior Boys as the basement has been transformed into a replica World War Two bomb shelter, transporting pupils back to 1940.

After the evacuation of Dunkirk, the nation held its collective breath. There was one question in the minds of politicians and people everywhere, when would the attack come? On the 10 July 1940, the first large scale bombing raids began signalling the start of what we have come to know as the Battle of Britain. All over the country, the lights went out and people descended underground seeking shelter from the bombs.

Year 6 were given the task of blacking out a classroom; learning the lessons of 1940 where any target for the Luftwaffe would be exploited. Pupils were also given the chance to explore the bomb shelter, and were set the task of writing a diary entry to detail how they would feel having to spend a night down there!


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