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The investigation continues as Science Weeks gets off to an explosive start

The Science department has been a hive of activity this week as pupils and staff have enjoyed plenty of unique learning experiences as part of our Science Week celebrations.

The investigation into ‘the curious case of the cola and the scientists’ continues as our crime scene investigators from Year 7 have been busy analysing fingerprints and testing evidence. Are the pupils any closer to catching the thief and bringing them to justice? 

The house quiz tested both theoretical knowledge and practical skill as pupils answered quick-fire questions and were challenged to wire a plug correctly, with a varying amount of success...! Kelly snatched victory from early leaders St. Lawrence in the final round.

Finally, the ‘fire and explosions’ show proved very popular as pupils gathered to watch the controlled experiments. 

Julie Freak, Senior Boys Laboratory Technician, explained the importance of Science Week: “Science Week brings science, engineering, technology and maths to the forefront, ensuring the subjects are accessible to all pupils. It also challenges us to consider science in a different context and its relevance in our day to day living.”  

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