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Diversification at Rushall Farm

Our young geographers in Year 7 recently embarked on the annual field trip to Rushall Farm to investigate and experience the processes that take place on a working farm.

From crop rotation to input and output processes to diversification, pupils got a snapshot of how a farm works and how it makes a profit. The highlight for most was the opportunity to cradle the new lambs.












As well as exploring the farm, pupils had the opportunity to develop their fieldwork skills as they investigated the River Pang, taking measurements of its width and depth, recording wildlife and considering how sediment size and shape might change from source to mouth.    

Sarah Clifford, Senior Girls Head of Geography, spoke of the value of the visit: “As a tangible learning experience which takes pupils away from the theoretical knowledge and outside of the classroom, this trip is a fantastic way to support the pupils’ topics this term of Rivers and Farming: A Dying Industry.”  

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