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Vital life lessons with TV and radio broadcaster Charlie Webster

Year 6 girls were treated to a guest talk from TV presenter and campaigner Charlie Webster during their online classroom this week on Wednesday 13 May.

The class was on the school’s ‘thinking big’ topic and how we sometimes have to overcome challenges in life, which is apt during this unique lockdown to combat Covid-19. The class also spoke about the importance of mental health, especially in these difficult times.

Charlie Webster’s advice included: “'When things are challenging in my life, I always break things down into small steps and bite-size pieces. Rather than looking high up at the top of the mountain, I just look straight ahead at my first step and focus on that. It helps things seem more manageable and less overwhelming.” 

“Remember, everybody has days where they feel fed up, anxious and just 'not in the mood' - and that is perfectly normal no matter who you are. It's not about not having those feelings, it's about recognising that it's ok to have them and being kind to yourself when you do.

“I loved talking to the girls. It’s so tough at the moment not being able to see friends and other family members outside of our homes, they are doing so well, an inspiration to me to keep doing my best each day. The questions they asked me were so considered and not just thoughtful but thought-provoking. We had an honest and open conversation which I think is so important for young people right now. It’s key that we show that it’s ok to speak about how we feel and actually a very important part of looking after our mental health as well as our physical. I hope to meet them all in person in the future.”

The 10 and 11 year old pupils valued the interactive lesson and pupil Darcie said: “Charlie was inspirational and she showed us to not give up when you feel like you cannot achieve anything.”

Junior Girl Charlene added: “She proves that we are all equals and we should have a right to do the same things.”

Claires Court has continued with online learning during the lockdown, mixing academic and screen time classes with creative, sports and fun activities, as well as supporting wellbeing for its community.

Charlie Webster has also just launched a podcast called 'My sporting mind' where she talks to top sports stars about their journey with mental health and wellbeing. For more information, please visit Charlie’s website.

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