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GCSE pupils sustain high achieving results

Claires Court GCSE pupils are celebrating their results today (August 20) with 95.6% achieving five 4+ grades (equivalent to C grade or above) including English and Maths.

Nearly half (49%) of the 91 year 11 pupils got grades 9 to 7 (equivalent of A* and A). The results show our continuing improvement year on  year, enabling candidates the widest choices for their further education studies in Sixth Form and colleges. 

Mariam Sanno got all grade 9s and said: “I’m really happy because I studied, did the coursework, and prepared throughout the whole two years, but it is a bit of a weird feeling not having taken the exams. I’m doing Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at A-levels. Thank you to all my teachers at Claires Court, they taught me really well and supported me throughout my whole time.”

Max Pianta said: “I am very pleased with my GCSE results in particular the subjects I will be studying at A-level, Maths, Physics, and Further Maths at Claires Court Sixth Form. It is really rewarding to see that all of the extra effort I needed to make to achieve a higher grade in my English exams has really paid off too. I’d like to thank all of my teachers for their support over the years, the wonderful teaching and mentoring approach has been so important in helping me achieve the results I was hoping for. All of the teachers have been incredibly supportive during the last few months of our school year having to quickly adapt to full time tutoring online and keeping us on track and motivated. 

“I’m really looking forward to starting my A-Levels with the addition of Economics as a new subject, and to continue to support the school with rowing.”

Elicia Mercer did 10 GCSEs and got all 7 to 9 grades. She said: “I’m very, very happy. We got our results by email and then had a big group facetime with friends, and an online meet with our teachers, which was great. I’m going to study Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths as well as Further Maths as an AS-level at Claires Court. The teachers were really supportive, provided extra classes and help throughout the course, and during lockdown we continued our lessons online and did lots to further our work and evidence.”

Matthew Telling commented: “I am really happy with my results today. Coming back to the UK after three years away in the USA and having to jump straight into GCSEs was not easy. The support the teachers and school gave me allowed me to progress quickly to the level needed to reach these results. Thank you.”

Claires Court GCSE results summary




National average

% candidates with five 4+ grades




Av. no of subjects per candidate




% 9-7 grades




% 9-6 grades




% 9-4 and above




% five+ grade 4 and above including English and Maths




Grade 9





This year’s results are calculated differently by exam boards, based on centre assessment grades and performance across the two years of study, and they were emailed to pupils, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

James Wilding, Academic Principal and Head of Senior Boys, commented: “Over the past five years we have placed a key importance to the development of literacy and numeracy skills to underpin all of our subject work, combined with the subject specific skills required for top success at both GCSE and A-level. This sustained effort has come to full fruition this summer with these outstanding GCSE results for both boys and girls.

“We will never know what the Ofqual algorithm would have done now, but the complete recognition of our students’ and teachers’ hard work over the period of lockdown from March to July with the award of the centre’s recommended grades is heartwarming.

“Moving our GCSE and A-level programme’s fully online, and being able to work students and teachers successfully together via video conference and collaborative document making for the subsequent 12 weeks is one of the greatest success stories in our school’s 60 year history.”

Margaret Heywood, Head of Senior Girls, added: “Congratulations to our students on their well deserved results. This has been an extremely anxious time for all and in particular pupils and their parents, and we are delighted with the final outcomes. I  am sure they will reflect on these extraordinary times and make sensible decisions through their lives. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all, including our staff, for all their continued support during this unprecedented  period.”

GCSE celebration online hangouts have been arranged for students to meet on August 20.

For pupils considering their next step, a short video chat between current sixth form head boy and girl discussing their A-level courses, experiences and life at Claires Court sixth form is available here.

Claires Court offers A-level and BTEC courses including humanities, languages, creative subjects, sciences, sports, drama, music, photography, business, economics, psychology, philosophy, food science and technology, and much more . To find out about places at Claires Court for three to 18 year olds, please visit our website or email

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