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Celebrating black culture through poetry

Exploring the theme of identity, our Year 7 boys have been studying different types of poetry and even had a go at creating their own. Here is an example from Max S based around identity:


Identity is a strange thing,

But very very common.

You have the kids that like to sing,

The kids that are very silent,

The smart ones with the glasses,

And the kids that are very violent.


Sometimes you get an identity thief,

That steals it from your friend.

He goes around acting like you,

But that is going to end.

You walk up to them and say,

“Hey give that back and this is a warning.”

All you do now is hope and pray,

That you will have it back in the morning.


Jennifer Ging, Senior Boys Head of English, commented: "The boys have really shown their creativity in their poetry writing and we are very proud of this piece from Max."

If you have a budding poet in the family, do encourage them to enter our latest English House competition, which coincides with our school celebrations of Black History Month. Your task is to create an original poem in tribute to a person - or people- from black culture, which celebrates their achievements or explains why they are your hero. Please send entries to: by October 31st.

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