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Esteemed illustrators drop in for drawing lesson

Drawing lessons have been brought to life and inspired pupils as illustrator Korky Paul dropped into a live lesson, while children's author and illustrator Tom McLaughlin entertained a Year 6 class with live readings, drawings and anecdotes from his successful career.

Korky Paul, illustrator of the Winnie the Witch books, joined Year 3 and Year 4 girls for a live drawing session.
In the drawing session, Mr Paul taught the girls how to draw Winnie and Wilbur and let the class into the secret of the 'happy accident' that produced Winnie's signature bent hat, as well as some drawing tips.
Mr Paul, wearing his own Winnie the Witch hat, read aloud from the first book in the series then led a mini-tour of his amazing basement art studio. 
We also have access to a free Winnie the Witch ebook called Winnie and Wilbur and a YouTube video showing the pupils how to make their very own Winnie the Witch hat bookmark. 
Former political cartoonist, Tom McLaughlin is most famous for his Accidental series, and his first book The Accidental Prime Minister. 

He shared lots of his creative methods, which included his love of technology and how he creates all his art using his phone and ipad. His live drawing session demonstrated how he uses a digital illustration app to transform simple geometric shapes into book characters.

He also shared the problems he faces having dyslexia, his struggles at school and how proud he was when he wrote his first chapter book.

Tom compared being an author to being let loose in a dressing up box and a time machine, all at the same time. He also confessed the two toughest things to draw... horses and bicycles apparently.

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